Pharmacology and therapeutics is the branch of science which deals drug. The student studied pharmacology and therapeutics at 4th year (phase III) of their MBBS course. The department of pharmacology and therapeutics of fully established and well equipped Department. All of its teachers are knowledgeable and well experienced. It has also experienced Medical Technologist, lab assistant. It has required number of classrooms, tutorial rooms &Laboratory with adequate laboratory equipment.

Facilities: The department has a wide tutorial room with all of the essential equipment and furniture, as well as a well-equipped laboratory where various drug experiments can be conducted. A computer, printer, and other required logistics are also available in the Department’s office. Professors and associate professors have their own rooms, whereas lecturers have a shared room.

Lab Instrument: Analytical Balance-1 p, Water bath – 1, Blood pressure, machine – 2 p, Different Glass ware instruments, Bekar- 10p, Measuring cylinder 500 – 10 p, Bottale 500 Ml- 10 p, Measuring cylinder 250 ml- 10p, Amber bottale- 10 p, Vollimatric flask  250 ml- 10 p, Vollimatric Flask 500 ml- 10 p, Conical Flask 500 ml- 10

Faculty Members:

Name & Designation

Expertise Area


Dr. Ikram Ullah Khan

Associate Professor & Head


Dr. Jannatul Ferdoush

Associate Professor (Part Time)

Forensic Medicine

Dr. Munstasir Uddin


Forensic Medicine