AMCC has a well spacious library. It is enriched with different types of books and journals. The library possesses a good collection of training video film/audio cassettes and professional slides. Enrichment of the library is a continuous process. Every year new and latest books will be added in the collection.

The purpose of the AMCC Library is to support academic and research activities. The library carries out its mission by:

       a) fulfilling the course-related needs of MBBS students.

       b) meeting the scholarly needs of faculty members and students.

       c) providing users with access to materials located inside the library system.

       d) equipping users with the skills and resources needed for continuous lifelong learning.

       e) promoting information services in a manner that reflects the distinctive character of the medical college.


Circulation Policy

Borrowing privilege: Currently faculty members, students, and officers may borrow library materials from AMCC Library upon registration as library membership. Borrowing privileges will be expired when membership with the college is closed.

Check-out procedures:

          a) Faculty, students, and officers will present a valid AMCC Library card in order to charge materials.

          b) All materials should be brought to the circulation desk to be checked out.

          c) Each individual is responsible for all library materials charged to his/her card.

          d) Lost ID cards should be reported immediately to the circulation desk.


Use of Study Area

AMCC Library is committed to providing an environment suitable for reading, study, and activities in support of research and instructional programs.

       a) be considerate and respectful to others in the library.

       b) leave study spaces neat and clean and ready for use by other patrons.

       c) Ringing cell phones are not acceptable. Cell phones must be switched to silent mode. If need to talk, step outside the library.


Borrower Responsibility

AMCC Library is committed to providing an attractive and helpful environment for study and research. We ask you to help us in this effort by keeping the following in mind:

        a) be responsible for all materials borrowed on your card.

        b) borrowing privileges are not transferable and are subject to withdrawal if abused.

        c) exercise care in handling library materials. If you damage an item, you’ll need to pay for its repair or replacement.

        d) do not attempt to repair yourself. Notify the circulation desk about damaged materials.



Md. Monirul Islam

BA, MA, M. Phil (ISLM, DU)