Inspection by BM&DC Inspection Team

dissection hall - Copy IMG_3669

An Inspection by BM&DC (Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council) Inspection Team accomplished on 26th May 2016. The team visited different sections of Army Medical College Chittagong. The Chief Administrator of AMCC presented a brief on AMCC in the session.
The Inspection Team Members were as follows:

  1. Professor Mahmud Hasan [Convener]
  2. Professor Humayun Sattar [Member]
  3. Professor Md. Julfiqer Rahaman Khan [Member]
  4. Professor Iffat Ara [Member]
  5. Professor Shameem Ara [Member]
  6. Professor Nasima Sultana [Member]
  7. Dr. Md. Arman Hossen [Member Secretary]

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