Council of the College

Regulatory and Governing Body:

To control, regulate, monitor and for policy matters, two bodies have been formed as follows:

Council of Army Medical College. The composition is as following-

Chairman:  Chief of Army Staff


  1. Principal Staff Officer, Armed Forces Division
  2. Director General Medical Services
  3. Adjutant General Bangladesh Army
  4. GOC, 11 InfDiv
  5. GOC, 24 InfDiv
  6. GOC, 33 InfDiv
  7. GOC, 55 InfDiv
  8. GOC, 66 InfDiv
  9. Rep of MOD (Not below Joint Secretary)
  10. Rep of Ministry of Finance (Not below Joint Secretary)
  11. Rep of MOHFW (Not below Joint Secretary)
  12. Rep of DGHS (Not below Director)
  13. DMS (Army)
  14. Rep, VC, BUP