Department of Biochemistry at Army Medical College Chattogram is an excellent place for teaching and learning Medical Biochemistry for the MBBS students following the latest BMDC guidelines. The Department is enriched with experienced teachers and staffs. The faculty is well-equipped with all the necessary systems and facilities to enable the students to acquire competencies to:

  • Demonstrate basic knowledge on major biomolecules, enzymes, hormones, and nutrients and off fundamental chemical principles involved in body mechanism upon which life process depends
  • Demonstrate skills in performing and interpreting Bio-chemistry laboratory tests and procedures with emphasis on those used in Bangladesh
  • Demonstrate skills in using the modern biochemical appliances
  • Equip themselves with requisite knowledge for higher studies and research
  • Develop sound attitude towards the need for continuing self education.

Facilities: Air-conditioned Lecture Hall, Tutorial Room, Biochemistry Laboratory, Reference Library

Teaching and Learning Materials: Multimedia projector, Computer with Printer, Video clip & player, Audio clip & player, Sound system, White board & pen, Charts/models, Photographs & specimens, Study guide and manuals, Colorimeter, Urinometer, Centrifuge machine, Weighing scales, Lab freezer & refrigerator, Reagents, Laboratory glasswares, Apparatus trays, Test-tube racks, Thermostatic water baths, Spirit lamp, Clinical thermometers, Pipettes& micropipettes, Blood collection equipment.

Faculty Members:

Name & Designation

Expertise Area


Dr. Saifun Nahar Faiz

Professor (CC)

Medical Biochemistry
Saifunnahar-Associate Prof

Dr. Prasun Barua

Associate Professor

Medical Biochemistry

Dr. Tajnin Surat


Medical Biochemistry

tajnin surat

Dr. Farhana Yesmin


Medical Biochemistry